Other Providers

Karen Pettit, CRNFA

Karen Pettit, affectionately known as KP, is our registered nurse first assist and has been with the practice for over 15 years.  Before that, she worked in Labor and Delivery at Banner Good Samaritan for 24 years.  If you are having surgery with any of our doctors, Karen will call you before your surgery.  She will go over the procedure and how we plan to accomplish our goals, answer your questions, and teach you how to do the bowel prep (everybody’s favorite).

Karen is an advocate for patient teaching, and as the doctors, she believes that the more you know about your surgery ahead of time, the better you will do.  She will be with you in the operating room assisting the physicians during the minimally invasive surgeries that we do so well.  She is an asset to the surgical team at Southwest Contemporary Women’s Care.  Her organizational skills and sense of humor make the surgeries a pleasant experience for all.

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