Medical Services

Free Walk-In Pregnancy Test

No appointment necessary. We can perform a walk-in pregnancy test free of charge!  You will get the peace of mind and advice you can only get from a women’s health specialist.

Pre-Natal Program

Our team of doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners have developed a comprehensive approach to prenatal care, including high-risk prenatal care.

Annual Check Ups

Most parents recognize the importance of regular health checkups for their children, but many fail to continue this practice as adults.

For additional information, please visit The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Ultrasound and Fetal Monitoring

We provide obstetrical ultrasound and fetal monitoring to observe your baby’s heart rate for indicators of stress.  Both are available at all locations.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

The most common minimally invasive surgery is laparoscopy.  Rather than a large open incision, surgery is done through a few small incisions using a tiny camera and long, thin surgical instruments.  The camera takes images inside your body, and those images are sent to a video monitor in the operating room which guides surgeons as they operate.

Gynecological Care

Hospital Care

When hospitalization is necessary, our primary facility is Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa.  The hospital’s gynecologic and ambulatory facilities are excellent.  Specialty care is offered in Level II neonatal intensive care and pediatric emergency services.

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